Raw materials (e.g., cotton, potash, lithium, etc.) are mined and moved to support the production of other end consumables. Providing visibility to the flow of these raw materials (e.g., Move from mine to port, port clearance, rail movement, etc.) is critical to managing manufacturing efficiency.

This is the world's largest soda ash mining operation. They mine in the US and Turkey and distribute the-mined ash around the world.

Company Background

Partnered with world’s largest soda ash producer, this business is the world’s largest soda ash mining operation. They mine in the US and Turkey and distribute the mined ash around the world. Soda ash is used for glass manufacturing, powdered detergents, soaps rechargeable batteries, metallurgical processes, food, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals.

The Challenge

The increasing worlds demand for soda ash has required a reinvention of the distribution of this powdery product. Historic bulk ship approaches strained operating margins and international movement availability. With a proposed change in the distribution process, the company required a system to be able to deal with the complexity of the multiple stages and processes to deliver the new containers around the world.

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Customer Value

Provided real time visibility of shipments, inventory and the transloading activities.

Reduced the operational cost by 25% by using business process automation.

Increased customer satisfaction.

Reduced container line detention charges.

Increased the transparency and visibility of end customer.

Reduced the order life-cycle time With the Help of Advanced analytics and business intelligence.

Saved the company 50% of time and effort to manage operations more efficiently and productively.

Transparency And Visibility Moves Your Business Forward

Manage your inventory and reduce the chance of human errors, in real-time.

  • Order management solution
  • Vendor collaboration
  • Container booking management
  • Customs management solution
  • Customer portal
  • Track and trace visibility
  • Network Dashboards
  • Document Management

“Logiswift has enabled us to integrate with different transloading terminals, making our resources to be used more efficiently. Logiswift software is very versatile and complementary to our processes which allowed us to automate manual processes saving us thousands of dollars in man-hours.”

Pablo Beltran
Supply Chain Manager - Planning & Export Şişecam