Manage your inventory and reduce the chance of human errors, in real-time. Sort, package and distribute items while reducing forklift activity in the warehouse.

Optimize Warehouse Capacity

Our system provides unparalleled visibility to improve warehouse efficiency. Monitor temperature levels, optimize equipment usage, track and trace items inside the warehouse, identify dead stock and reduce order cycles. All in the name of optimizing costs to improve your ROI.

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WMS Features

  • Designed for 3rd Party Logistics
  • Multi company/Branch/Project/Client/Warehouses/Multi-Currency
  • Full range of Goods Issue/Goods Receive functions
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • RF guided Task management Module
  • Dynamic & Configurable workflow
  • RFID integrated Module
  • Complete Inventory Management module with RF Counting capabilities
  • Bonded Stock control
  • Customer configurable Documents & Labels
  • Set System Notifications And Email Alerts That Will Be Triggered In Case Of Exceptions
  • Landed Costs Analysis
  • Produce Any Shipping Documents (BL, AWB, CMR, Etc..) And Approval Workflow Mechanism Before Proceeding With Shipment
  • Customs Clearance Management

WMS Reporting

Solution Components

Authentication Authorization

Rf Device





Analytics Business Intelligence

Cloud On Prem.

Service Based Architecture

Business Level Api

Localisation Internationalisation

More Functionality

  • Full, multi-level Article definition including Batch, Lot and Date Management 3rd Party Logistics
  • Individual Event and Document definition per process per client
  • Fixed or floating locations
  • Automated, user-defined putaway logic
  • Inventory Management including cycle counting
  • ABC Classification of Products
  • Pickwave release management including Pick by Line & Pick by Order and Multi-level Picking
  • Kitting
  • Packaging control including labelling, documentation, weights & dimensions capture
  • Returns & Recalls Management

WMS Processes – Inbound

WMS Processes – Inventory Control & Management

The following list summarizes some of the main inventory management features:

  • Full, multi-level Article definition including Batch, Lot and Date Management 3rd Party Logistics
    • Country of Origin Expiry Date
    • Supplier
    • Product Type
  • Critical Data Validation - Expiry Date
  • Conditions (i.e. Hazardous goods, Temperature Sensitive Items, etc.).
  • Real-time visibility of quarantined stock through various reports and GUI screens.
  • Inventory ownership tracking via RF or GUI.
  • Pack key and unit of measure support along with the associated conversions allowing the users to view or perform transactions on the inventory in the unit of measure required.
  • Item attribute tracking (Expiry Date, SKU Group, Weight, Receipt Date, etc.)
  • Multi status visibility on the quantity level (On Hand, Allocated, Picked In-quotation, On-Order).
  • Space Utilization and Empty Locations visibility via reports and console screens.
    • Real-time inventory status control and enquiry.
    • Flexible inventory moves and adjustments.
    • Cycle Counting and wall-to-wall physical counting.

WMS Processes – Outbound


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