Terminal Operators

Elevate equipment and container yard productivity benefiting from real-time data.

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Optimize Container Handling

Gain full visibility to optimize container handling operations, vessel load plans, yard use, and equipment. Our system provides vessel loading and unloading status updates so you can have confidence managing inbound and outbound shipments in your container yard.

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Plan Ahead

Manage operator shifts, tasks and port equipment like cranes so you can plan your loading schedule for upcoming vessels. Free your time to focus on other priorities and make sure your terminal operation is running smooth.

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Increased Reporting Quality

Use the KPI data provided by our Intelligent Dashboard to identify and overcome potential bottlenecks that might halt or slowdown your operations.

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Remote Control Your Terminal

Real-time monitoring for all equipment in your terminal. Regarding where you are situated in the world, analyze their utilization charts and assign them with new tasks.

TOS Specs

Logiswift TOS is a modern, fully customizable platform with variety of optimization modules which will enable you to keep up with the increasing operational demands.

Our terminal operation system, is a fully integrated application that aims at achieving the highest productivity scale for container terminal operations.

The ease of integration of Logiswift with other systems, such as GOS, OCR, MIS tools, Billing, EDI, and web access for external users, further enhances the flexibility and value of our services. It also minimizes the need to have a 3rd party integrator.

TOS Features

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Vessel Operations Import

We’re glad to plan your vessel route cost-efficiently.

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Vessel Operations Export

All your export operations are optimized by our software.

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Gate Operations

Control and monitor all your movements to increase efficiency and profit.

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DG Operations

DG Classes Definition/ Segregation:In this module, Operation (or safety) team will define and segregate DG Classes according to IMDG code.

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Agent Access

Logiswift’s collaboration tool allows multiple parties to access the client interface simultaneously.It allows users to track, monitor and capture events of their container or general cargo statuses.

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Embedded Power BI

Logiswift’s embedded Power BI tool provides you a multi-perspective view over your operational data.You can monitor, filter and play with real-time datasets which turns into highly valuable visual insights.

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Equipment Productivity

Operational efficiency is the key for success at container terminals.By using Power BI tool, you can have full control of your container operations benefiting from TEU statistics or monitor your equipment productivity by checking the hourly movements of your cranes


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