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While the focus in the logistics, projects and construction industries, any industry could benefit from the end-to end visibility provided by the application approach. Other very suitable industries include:


A logistics service provider, also known as third-party logistics (3PL) provider, is a company that specializes in offering services to help manage the supply chain including warehouse management, order fulfillment, and shipping orders. A world-class logistics service provider offers years of experience working with thousands of ecommerce businesses. So end to end visibility is crucially important for those companies.

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Industrial Projects

Efficiency and productivity are key issues for construction, from housebuilding and civils to demolition, road and rail. Bad organisational structure, poor communication, a lack of clear responsibility and accountability. the whole construction industry facing ever-higher demands for quality, safety and performance of built assets, knowing the true performance and cost of a project is becoming ever more important. Visibility is everything.


In warehousing, the focus should be on increasing operational visibility in order to improve asset utilization. When you know the location, condition, content and performance of people, inventory and equipment, you can better allocate resources, begin to automate tasks and more effectively plan and execute highly-coordinated workflows using real-time, data-driven insights. The resulting business efficiencies will enable you to achieve growth goals or – at the very least – sustain operations in volatile times.

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Terminal Operators

Where terminals once operated by manual entries, it is no longer sustainable in today’s market. Visibility of yard operations is now an essential requirement to stay aligned with the rest of the industry, and there are two vital steps to reach operational transparencies. The first thing to consider is standardization — streamline operational processes, consolidate digital systems, centralized data sharing and automate core workflows. Our software is a game-changer for getting operational recommendations tailored for your unique business operations.

Shippers & Traders

End-to-end Visibility is crucial to shipper networks. Our software merges data captured across an organization into one system. This provides a consistent, clear view of a shipper’s supply chain and creates the opportunity to take action. So greater end-to-end visibility lays the foundation for transformational change within shippers’ supply chains.

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Commodities require specialized forms of transportation and storage. Logiswift’s outstanding technology solves this ‘’rubik’s cube’’ and unifies all dirforms by special algorhtyms, so you’ll be all set and get control over the flow.


When staring through the lens of logistics and supply chain management,

discover real-time system insights to transform your industry.

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