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We are an affiliate of our sister company of Imisk group. Imisk has over fifty years history in international trading in over 18 countries with a workforce in excess of 1,500 employees. The international transport with an emphasis on heavy lift, shipping, port operations, warehousing and distribution in USA, Turkey, Central Asia, the Middle East and beyond raised the need for end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Our Company
Our Company

Started in 2006, the Logiswift solution has evolved from an operational support solution for the group to a flexible, easy to use end-to-end visibility tool ready to support any project, construction, or heavy lift project. Interfaced to many of the worlds leading transportation providers, Logiswift delivers near real time vessel (and therefore container) visibility.Our approaches leverage our hands-on experience and provide solutions that work like you work anywhere in the world. We have been in your shoes and understand the day-to-day strains you face.

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  • MARCH 2, 2023

Given today’s endless borders, materials are sourced from around the world which makes the management and control of parts visibility so complex. Many times, critical supplies pass through the hands of several suppliers/distributors before making their way to the end job site.

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  • FEBRUARY 13, 2023

The expansion of the Energy Industry (oil & gas; renewables; nuclear; wind; solar, hydrogen, etc.) worldwide is evidence of the growing need to manage complex projects. Major projects are being planned and executed and many more are in the planning stages to develop, harness, store, and distribute these energy sources throughout the world.

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  • MARCH 6, 2023

Logiswift, the Dubai-based provider of a software platform for supply chain orchestration, has opened its first office in the U.S., in Houston, Texas. The cloud-based platform offers real-time data and complete tracking and tracing, as well as executing workflows and providing built-in business intelligence.

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  • JANUARY 9, 2023

Logiswift has been awarded as one of the most promising supply chain solutions provider of 2023 by CIO Review magazine. It's unique project logistics management capabilities and the ability to provide an extensive suite of solutions for multiple industries were the reasons for this award.

  • JUNE 8, 2023

Logiswift participated to Breakbulk Europe 2023 as the main sponsor of Breakbulk Studios. Our CEO Ziad Abourizk gave an interview about the future predictions regarding AI and Machine Learning capabilities which will be introduced in our new releases.

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  • OCTOBER 29, 2023

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  • SEPTEMBER 26, 2023

Susan Evans, VP of customer solutions at Logiswift, underlined a digital divide within the industry. Despite a shift to digital platforms, reliance on traditional communication like emails persisted.

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  • JANUARY 24, 2024

4D Supply Chain Consulting (4D) and Logiswift, one of the leading providers of end-to-end supply chain software solutions, are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership, initiated by a reseller agreement that positions 4D as the distributor of Logiswift’s advanced supply chain execution tool in the USA. 

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  • MARCH 7, 2024

In March, Logiswift CEO Ziad Abourizk sat down at TPM24 in Long Beach, California, with Journal of Commerce Senior Editor to discuss the state of the industry and what Logiswift offers as a project logistics solution.

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  • JULY 1, 2024

Logiswift succesfully completed its EDI integration with the Australian Ministry of Agriculture for PEMS (Plant Exports Management System). Logiswift is currently serving the largest cotton producers and traders in Australia. Due to the high volumes of Australian cotton being processed via system every year, it will be a great addition to streamline the shipment process for the millions of bales that are being subject to these inspections.



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